The Competition



The competition is held both locally and nationally.  It is open to the general public, admission is free and the minimum age to compete is ten (10). There are tournaments for K -12 students (that is 4th to 12th graders), college students, and adult who are 18 years or older. We strongly encourage and welcome schools to participate. Eligible K-12 students will compete at the following levels:

Level 1 (4th -7th graders)

Level 2 (8th – 12th graders)



  • K-12
  • College
  • Adults
  • Tournaments of Champions

Quiz Rules

a) The competition is offered in two rounds.
b) Students can compete as a team or alone for the preliminary round. There will be no more than three (3) students per team and no more than four (4) teams per school.
c) In the Preliminary Round the top scorers will advance to the final round.
d) In the Final Round the student or team who answered most of the questions correctly wins the competition.

LEA_ABT_2nd-place (Large)

Registration Rules & Official Rules

a) Unless you are competing in the K-12 category, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
b) Employee or relatives of Blassys Organization, Inc are not eligible to compete
c) Contestants are responsible for the expenses incurred while competing. These expenses include airfare, hotel, etc.
d) The contestant understands that Let’s Explore Africa/Blassys Organization, Inc. is under no obligation to accept all contestants. It is entirely up to the producer’s discretion.
e) Reasonable accommodations shall be made for persons with physical limitations and/or disabilities.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Champion?

Let’s Explore Africa is a quiz competition about Africa.  Dr. Sandra Frempong, an accountant and educator created the quiz competition to help broaden knowledge about the continent.  The quiz competition started in 2014.  Contestants play the fun trivia and learn more about Africa as they navigate the continent.  Players answer multiple choice questions at various difficulty levels. Questions highlights geography, entertainment, people, literature, symbols, resources, etc.

Take the challenge and compete!