Happy Independence Day – Cameroon and Sudan

Cameroon was once a German colony from 1884 during the ‘Scramble for Africa’.  Following the defeat of Germany in World War 1, the League of Nations mandated that the territory be divided into the French Cameroons and British Cameroons.  For 77 years, Cameroon was controlled by these European powers until it gained independence in 1960.  Happy Independence.  You’ve come a long way!

Sudan was once the Kingdom of Nubia which came under Egyptian rule to establish the civilization called Kush.  Muslim Arabs who already conquered Egypt and the Funj occupied much of Sudan. Egypt again conquered Sudan in 1874, but eight years later, Britain occupied Egypt and subsequently took over Sudan in 1898 ruling the country in conjunction with Egypt as Anglo-Egyptian Sudan until 1955. Its self-government was granted by Egypt and Britain in 1953. Sudan was proclaimed an independent country on January 1, 1956.