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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 08:29

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We invite 4th grade through 12th grade students to participate in the 2015 Let’s Explore Africa (LEA) Quiz Bowl. 

LEA is a fun trivia game established to help contestants learn about Africa as they navigate the continent from Cape Town to Casablanca. 

Student will answer multiple choice questions at various grade levels. 

Questions will cover geography, entertainment, people, literature, symbols, etc. 

The grade levels are as follows: 

Level 1 = (4th – 6th Graders) @11:00am

Level 2 = (7th – 9th Graders) @12:00 Noon

Level 3 = (10th – 12th graders) @1:00pm

Winner/s will receive gift bag courtesy of Trader Joe’s, medals, trophies and they will be featured on the Let’s Explore Africa website.  

Students who are interested in participating must register here at www.letsexploreafrica.net or at www.eventbrite.com.  

Event Locations/Dates & Time: 

University of North Carolina, Greensboro - Curry Building – Saturday, November 21st, 2015 - 11am – 2pm

University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Cone University Center – Lucas Room - Saturday, December 12th, 2015 - 11am – 2pm

Let’s Explore Africa Quiz Bowl Rules:

     1)  The competition will be offered in two rounds

      2)  Students can participate as a team or or as an individual for the preliminary round

      3)  Round One (first 20 trivia questions).  Students with the most correct answers will move on to Round Two (Final)

      4)  Round Two (second 40-60 questions).   Student/s will compete one on one or group versus group.  

          Where there is no other group to compete against, a delegate from the group will compete against other 'individual' students.  

      5)  If there is a tie, a tiebreaker question will be offered.

If you would like a team from your school to participate please contact me.  We greately appreciate and welcome teachers and administrators who want to serve as "the link"

or contact person of the school for this and future events.